Staff Profiles

Prof. Paul B. Adu
(Managing Director)

paul_picPaul B. Adu, Principal and Owner of Paulight Properties demands his personal best to assist his clients in meeting their unique housing needs. Paul Adu is an experienced businessman with over 15 years of experience in running a highly profitable business consulting organization and as a Personal Growth & Development Expert/Guru.

He credits the success of his real estate business on his attention to client details, experience and knowledge of the market and an ability to provide excellent customer service close to perfection.

Paulight Properties registered for business in August, 2003. With access to over 200 listed properties in the UK and Nigeria. Paulight Properties is fast establishing itself as a trailblazer in the real estate rental, sales, leasing market for residential and commercial properties. Paulight Properties recently added to their portfolio a cadre of luxury home rentals in Nigeria as demand increases to accommodate the premium housing needs of international dignitaries,professionals and visiting government officials.

Colin Coomber A.C.I.I, FPC, MAQ
(Chief Mortgage Advisor)
colinFinance is a fast moving business and you need somebody competent on your side. Colin has over 25 years experience working with clients to achieve their financial objectives.His high qualifications and broad experience have benefited many clients, both in the UK and Overseas.

Colin has access to all lending sources covering residential and commercial finance. Clients have many different needs and have many different credit backgrounds. His proud boast is that if he cannot find a solution then nobody can!

Colin believes that his high professional standards and efficient personal service is the secret to his success. He also believes in bringing the service to you. Contact us now to take advantage of Colin's hard work. Meetings can be arranged at a time and place to suit you.

Carol Ngoma
Executive Assistant/Global Relocation Specialist
Mortgage Advisor Associate
carolCarol Ngoma's approach to business is reflective in her tone when you hear her greet you on the phone. She is deliberate and caring. Her subtle french accent assures you that you are dealing with a "globally-minded" professional.

Ms. Ngoma has 10 years combined administrative experience in the fields of Corporate and Private Banking and Corporate Travel. Her strong background in finance has proven successful in helping clients to fully understand the mortgage products and process. Ms. Ngoma's ability to develop strong customer relationships is based on her committment to deliver the highest possible standards of service at all times.

Ms. Ngoma has completed college level and advance degreee coursework in Finance and Business Administration at IUA.

Please do not hesistate to call on Ms. Ngoma. She will make sure that your decision to work with our agency is a positive and rewarding experience.

Ms Bamidele Akomolafe
Sr. Account Executive / Sales Consultant

Bamidele AkomolafeBamidele has strong interpersonal skills, impeccable creditentials and an impressive work background in the Legal, Oil, IT and Real Estate Industry.Bamidele has earned a degreein Law (LL.B), Barrister at Law (B.L.) and a MSc in Information Systems Design. Prior to joining Paulight Properties, Ltd. Bamidele was an ITConsultant/Business Analyst for one of the largest IT Consultancy firms in Europe.

Bamidele's desire to help other's realize their dream of home ownership and financial independence through long-term property investment compelled her to pursue a career in real estate sales and leasing. It is Bamidele's belief that your next home is only a phone call away. If you are looking for a competent and capable Sales Consultant with a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the "bottom line" please do not hesitate to contact Bamidele today! An added benefit to you is that Bamidele's strong legal background can help you understand the policies, procedures, guidelines and applicable regulations for all your long-term real estate investments.

Okunbolade Henry Abiodun
Account Executive/Sales Consultant

Okunbolade Henry AbiodunKnown to his colleagues as Henry, Mr. Abiodun obtained formalized Marketing training in International Trade, Accountancy and Housing Management. His primary area of specialization involves working on projects that allow him to maintain contact with regional businesses that are interested in securing multiple dwellings.

If you are interested in investment opportunities involving real property or products related to the Real Estate Industy, Mr. Abiodun would gladly assist you with navigating your way through our portfolio of products.


Mrs. Mary Makanjuola
Personal Assistant to Paul Adu in Lagos

mary makMy objective is to make a remarkable career with a developing and dynamic organisation, whose demand for hardwork, honesty and efficiency is backed by a conducive enviroment and clear mission to all of its stake- holders and contribute positively to the realization of my employers corporate goals.

I have strong interpersonal skills, an ability to develop strong customer relationship teamwork, with good negotiation ability, and a knowledge of I.T.

I hold impeccable credentials and an impressive work background, and my hobbies include meeting people, travelling and reading.

Lawn & Property Maintenance


maintenance teamProperty maintenance workers are crucial to the prevention of insects around the property. Their expertise ranges from all sort of odd-jobs to delivering cost effective solutions that ensure our properties always look their best! Our property maintenance team are reliable and honest and have the experience, the equipment and the training to make sure you are living in a decent, comfortable and stress-free environment.

Kayode Afuwajumo
Ayo Fasoyan
Kayode Afuwajumo
Sales Executive (United Kindgom)
Ayo Fasoyan,

Sales Executive in Lagos



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Brian Livingston, Wood Green "Absolute Peace Of Mind For Clients"
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